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When comparing elements of the quotes, most of the time you pay attention only to hotels. Online portals have helped in this direction & for many, the comparison ends there.

However the service elements vital to the memorable holiday experience, can sometimes be overlooked or taken for granted. While confirming things online, it is natural that you in most cases assume a service is included, whereas it may not be. These services may reduce the cost, but are you aware these elements are missing? When some of the services are not included it compromises the value you have paid & will get.

The elements of services that may get compromised are:
1. GUIDES: The guides are the ones who make a tour success & memorable for the travellers. They are the ones who give real insights to the background history / geography of a destination. The SA tourism qualified guides get paid R1000 per day. This is the reason it is tempting for some operators to maximise on their profit by leaving them out on certain days. You may see them missing:

  • a) On the day of arrival in Cape Town, Johannesburg, George, Port Elizabeth
  • b) The day you leave Cape Town for Garden route
  • c) The day you leave Knysna for Port Elizabeth

SA tourism qualified guides may not only be missing on smaller vans / sprinters but even on 22/28 seater vehicles! It certainly helps to reduce cost but do you really want the groups (small or large) without guides on certain legs of the tour?

3. PRIVATE TRANSFERS: The transfer from Cape Town to Knysna (garden route) & from Johannesburg to Kruger are they really private with a guide or Point to Point with a driver. Can you stop at places you want. Point to point transfers cost less than private transfers.

4. MEALS: The choice of menus at the restaurants…Do they come with starters, main courses & deserts? The meals are an important part of the holistic Holiday experience. Are you having one?

5. LUXURY VEHICLES: When you are on a holiday you spend more time in the vehicle than in side hotel room. How luxurious is the “luxury vehicle” you are promised.

6. SUPER-LUXURY VEHICLES: We have invested in the best to give you the best – We own fleet of Mercedes Benz sprinters/vans that provide ultra-luxury. These vehicles are tastefully done with wooden trimmings on windows, wooden flooring, curtains on the windows and come with full reclining seats, fridge to cool your drinks & DVD for your listening & viewing entertainment / pleasure.

7. Luxury sedans: Our 4X4 & top-end sedans / sports cars include – Mercedes, Audi, Alfa-Romeo, Range Rover, Porsche, Aston Martin. All these come with required insurances & permits.

Our team is driven by the philosophy that – customers never give you a second chance. If you compromise any aspect of the service you are aiming to compromise the loyalty from the clients! The REAL experience helps us own their loyalty for life!

Top Reasons to Choose Africa Incoming

Reputable and reliable: We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and we‘re proud of our unrivalled reputation within the travel industry for customer satisfaction. Check out our online reputation on Hello Peter - we are passionate about creating a WOW! customer experience.

Trust the Travel Experts:We may not know every destination and city in the world but we are experts on our preferred travel suppliers such as Trafalgar, Beachcomber, Club Med and NCL. We also have an excellent relationship with all our air, cruise and land partners. Our strong relationships with our travel suppliers means that you benefit from on-the-ground product and destination knowledge and our ability to fix things if your travel plans go wrong, ensuring a better overall customer experience!

Help when you need it: We’re available to our customers whilst on holiday should they require emergency assistance.

One stop shopping: Pentravel can handle every aspect of your trip from flight tickets to accommodation, sightseeing tours to cruises. We have a variety of travel options to suit your needs.

Been there, done that: The personal travel experience of Pentravel’s experts means that they can create experiences that you may never have thought of. We invest in our staff’s travel so that they can experience the main products that we sell. Many of our staff have recently travelled to the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Egypt, the Grand Canyon, mount Kilimanjaro, Galapagos and Greece.

Value for money: Pentravel has access to a range of deals, including all-inclusive packages and tours and special airfares you wouldn’t find on the Internet.

Time is money: Pentravel saves you from scouring the net looking through a myriad of flight, hotel and tour options to find the best options at the best price.

So much to choose from: Suffering from information overload? Pentravel can offer you an array of options and price quotes from a variety of travel suppliers. We’ll filter through the masses of online travel information to find you the holiday option that best suits your needs.

What’s news? Pentravel is constantly communicating with its travel partners, giving you the most current information on suppliers and travel services to consider as you plan your trip.

We love Travel... and the people who love to travel. We’d love to organise your holiday.



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» Spectacular South Africa With Victoria Falls
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» Best Of Kenya Safari Tour
Duration: 09Nights / 10Days
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» South Africa Self Drive Tour
Duration: 08Nights / 09Days
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